Durable Access Solution.

Eco-Flex® Eco-Walk Pad is both permanent and portable and offers the durability required to withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Comes with painted yellow chevrons on the edges and provides a safe, anti-slip surface for instant access.

Size: 14′ L x 7’6” W x 3.2″ | 4.27 m L x 2.29 m W x 0.08 m

Weight: 1850 lbs [+/- 50 lbs]  | 839 kg [+/- 23 kg]

Applications: Industrial walkways, road crossings and more

  • Permanent and portable and offer the durability required to withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Painted yellow chevrons on edges to promote visibility and safety (with or without yellow stripes).
  • Flexible and will not crack or separate from frost heaves like concrete.
    Modular slabs can be lifted and re-set as required.
  • Provides instant access once installed.
  • All season, all weather durability including snow plowing and de-icing.
  • Safe, anti-slip surface can reduce liability claims.
  • Allows for instant access to underground utilities without losing investment.
  • Unique over/underlap design to help prevent weed growth while also reinforcing proper installation.
  • Surfaces are comfortable to walk on and will be sure to put a “bounce” into everyone’s step.
  • Allows personnel to work and access industrial machinery and equipment as well as building structures or living quarters.
  • They have a long life-capacity, benefits include the textured pattern on the surface allowing easy transit of equipment and people, therefore reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Made from recycled rubber tires, the structures resist corrosion and can handle great loads, making them a must for a variety of industrial application.
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