Reduces highway noise for nearby communities.

Eco-Flex® HD Eco-Wall® is durable and easy-to-install. HD Eco-Wall® is engineered for maximum reduction of unwanted environmental or ambient sounds such as traffic, commercial or industrial noise. These sound barrier walls are made from long-lasting, recycled rubber tires with the highest percentage of recycled rubber content available. They are maintenance-free and impervious to rain, snow and ice. Plus, they will not rust, rot or stain.

Size: 10′ L x 2′ H x 3″ (per piece)

Weight: 240 lbs (per piece)

Colors: Black, Grey, Brown, Sandstone, Redwood

Applications: Commercial, residential and much more

  • Provides privacy and reduces the noise level.
  • Tongue and groove joints for easy installation and added strength.
  • Designed to be visually appealing.
  • Preserves aesthetic values and scenic vistas.
  • Dual formed texture provides higher community acceptance
  • Reinforced with a patented rigid spine for added strength.
  • Easily placed, relocated and removed as needed.
  • Made from 100% Recycled Rubber tires makes them a durable, long-lasting solution.
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